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Understanding the importance of the right springs is a necessity to maximizing garage door performance. The two types are Torsion Springs and Extension Springs.Torsion Springs are located above the opening of the door and the springs are slid into a bar. Extension spring systems are alongside the opening of the garage door. Knowing the difference and being experienced and kept up to date on the latest improvements and changes in technology are crucial to servicing each type with the best and most long lasting results. It is the quality of the springs of either type combined with the correct precision installation which will result in the ultimate results.

Garage Door Repair Bowie focus on important details like replacing both springs at the same time. As ridiculous as it may seem some companies will try and cut corners by replacing only one spring while servicing and repairing an installation. Garage Door Repair Bowie realize that if one spring is older than the other and is less responsive it is exactly like someone who is right handed as opposed to left handing. Springs simply need to be equally as strong on the left and on the right or the door will not function correctly. Finding the right springs to fit is an important process. Springs come in all weights and sizes and are designed to properly balance the door. If the correct springs are not put in place it causes unnecessary extra stress on the system which can become damaged. Safety inspections are something which is considered a proper procedure when springs are replaced. If there was damage to any part of the system as a result of the faulty springs there is no time better to identify and deal with it than when the new springs are being replaced. With spring performance being so vitally important to the proper function in all garage door opening systems, we use only those springs which are manufactured with the ghest quality material designed to last the longest length of time. Through many years of first hand exposure to situations where top quality springs were not used, we have seen the damages which can occur. We have made it a mission not to need to make multiple repairs to a garage door system when they can often be avoided by installing the top quality springs which fit the requirements of the overall balance. Garage door springs have an overall rating system estimating the number of cycles of use. A cycle is simply the number of times a garage door moves up and down. Some installers will use lesser quality springs which may be rated with lower volume of cycles ranging from lows of 5,000-10,000 cycles. We will use only the highest grade steel spring which is rated a 25,000-50,000 cycles. It is the quality of the parts in any installation which often directly reflects on the professional
responsible for putting them in place. Our reputation is our livelihood and it would be considered foolish in our opinion to try and cut corners on top quality materials and provide shoddy work. We believe that repairing or installing something correctly and using the top quality of parts to achieve maximum performance will save time and future repair costs in the long run. The term “short run” is something which should never come to mind when considering spring options.

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