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There are three basic type of garage door openers: Chain driven-most commonly used and considered the most reliable, Belt driven-which are a more expensive type but is relatively silent, Screw driven-least expensive and noisy option and does not handle well in inclement weather. A chain driven installation is one which will fall in the middle of the cost to install. The drawbacks to the chain installation is that the noise will be bothersome to any nearby bedrooms or rooms which are often used for television study, etc. Chain driven systems will still provide durability and reliability for long term usage, but will never match the quiet performance of the belt driven systems. With our attention to top quality extended into all aspects of our business we make it more simple to achieve and maintain highest and best results by installing only quality manufactured and reputable garage door openers. A belt driven system is able to achieve the quiet sound by use of a rubber belt which provides a smooth opening performance.

Equally as reliable as the chain driven systems, the difference is mostly in not disturbing any of the surrounding areas of the home. If there are bedrooms nearby the garage and coming in while others are sleeping is a necessity, a belt driven system will be the most efficient option to maintain top needs. Given the constraints of the situation, the annoyance which may be caused many times over the years most often makes the higher cost associated with the belt driven system the best option. A screw driven system is the slowest of the three to open and close garage doors. In addition to taking more time, in a fast paced world where every moment counts, the noise of the screw driven type is much louder than the other options. Price is really the only factor for the screw driven system, being the lowest of the three in price. With the loud noise, slow performance and complications caused by inclement weather the screw driven system is a distant third on the list of recommended options.

Each of the three types of garage door openers have lesser and higher quality options when it comes to selecting the best fit. Opinions and needs may vary from one installation to another but the need to provide the best performance will always come from choosing the most well manufactured option. Warranties are another major factor in selecting the right garage door opener. If the manufacturer is one which offers an exceptionally solid, reputable and extensively covered option, it is often worth it. A choice to absorb the initial cost upfront as opposed to eventually spending more in the long run as things start to need repairs or even replacement are an important consideration when choosing garage door openers.

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